Metal Stamping Projects

For Christmas ...
I got money to purchase a few new tools to start something I've been wanting to start for over 2 years now!
Metal Stamping!!!

I am excited to learn this , as I can then customize jewelry for my customers! 

Here is a picture of my VERY FIRST try at this:
Not to bad.....

I know I need a LOT of practice!
Especially with lining up my words & numbers! It's a lot harder than you would think,  and on some of these I used a tape that is supposed to help you line them up better! HA!!  Not easy to do, even with the tape!

Soon though I will get the hang of this and I will be offering customized charms / pendants in my jewelry shop. Either to purchase to add to a necklace / bracelet you already own, or to use in one of my "Build Your Own Necklaces" 

Stay tuned for improvements!