Rock Tumbling Project

So my daughter got a rock tumbler for Christmas!
{I've been secretly wanting one of these for YEARS!!}

So we have begun our first batch of rocks, and if you know me at all, you know I am already thinking what kind of jewelry could I make with some of these rocks!
 {If my daughter will let me have any of them LOL}

Follow our rock tumbling journey here!
Here is what they looked like before we put them in the tumbler.

After about 9 days in the tumbler
here's what it looks like when you take the lid off:

Then here is what the rocks look like after their first tumbling session:

Then they go back into the tumbler for a second session of tumbling about another 9 days with a finer grit than the first tumbling session.

Stay tuned for an update in about 9 days !
After this tumbling session we will then put them in for pre-polish, about 5 days,  then a polish for about 9 days, then a wash for about 24 hours!
I can't wait to see what they look like when the entire tumbling cycle is done!!!