Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Snow!!

More Snow !! Wow where was all this snow when I was working outside the home? The best thing about snow here in the south is getting an unexpected day off from work, because the roads are too bad to drive on!!

Well..... when you are home everyday, snow is just that... SNOW!! No free day off!! However I am still in this mode of "goof off " when it snow's!! I also have this overwhelming urge to EAT JUNK FOOD!! Luckily today I have no junk food in the house, because I haven't been to the grocery store for this week yet!! I could make some sausage and gravy, but the sausage is frozen and I'm not that motivated!!

I'm going to use today to catch up on some things that have desperately needed my 'studio" is in desperate need of some cleaning, my "filing" is two feet tall, my treadmill is covered in cloths, and I have nothing clean to wear, so I guess my snow day is taken care of. It's gonna be tough because I am in goof off mode!!
Maybe I'll take a break later and make some snow cream!!
Have a great day!! I'm off to make me some hot tea and get to work!!
I need to feature another Etsy artist , I have my eye on one, and I've tried her product, so I need to sit down and introduce you to her. Look for this early next week!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Block

Hi all ~ I have been in a winter block.....I can't seem to make any jewelry and I can't seem to update my blogs!! I guess all the things that come with winter have kept me busy enough!! So far me, my husband , and most of all my sweet little girl have been sick with the virus that's running rampant around here, bad thing is my nieces, brother, and sister-in-law, and my mom & dad have all had it and I think we have passed it around for a month and a half!! YUCK!! We are ready for spring!!

We had a blizzard this past weekend, and they are calling for more snow this weekend and early next week!! I love the snow but it makes me want to take the "day off". Wish I could be like my friend who uses her snow days to get stuff done!! it's just not in me, I'm a bit lazy I'm afraid!!!

My grandfather's been in the hospital ( he's at home now), we had a great Uncle pass away, and I sprained my ankle!!! I'm not complaining but all of this has just left me wanting to go to sleep until you think I could get away with hibernating for the rest of winter???? Probably not!! But I could use the sleep!!

Today the sun is shining so I'm going to test out the camera my brother just brought me, it's his old digital camera, but it should be better than the one I am currently using !! Gotta love my brother. When he upgrades he passes down his older one which is always newer than my newest one!!! This is with everything he buys, tv's, dvd players, camera's, now if I could just get him to pass down his cars I'd be right!!! Thanks little brother!!!

Hopefully I can get some good pictures of some jewelry that I had made before Christmas and gets pics posted , it'll be new to you right???

Also if you haven't yet checked out my new shop please go see the new jewelry there, it's different jewelry that is not on my etsy site!!!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Soap Giveaway!!

Wow!! Can't wait to try this soap...after I've done all my entries to win some soap from or her etsy shop!! I'm going to her etsy shop to purchase some BIG SALT LICK BAR SOAP ...hoping it will help to ease my toddlers few spots of eczema and my extremely dry skin!!

Go to to learn how you can get on the giveaway.