Friday, April 23, 2010

To cook or Not to Cook

DANG !! I must get better at posting to this blog. A month since my last post uuuggghhhh!! Sorry to anyone out there reading this!!

Well yesterday I "took the day off" so to speak. I went to my recently laid off brother's house ( which also put me out of a job, since I usually babysit his three beautiful girls!!) well any way spent most of the day at his house which btw is just down the driveway!! I watched the cutest movie about the girl who cooked her way through Julia Child's cookbook. This is the cutest movie and reminded me of why I started blogging, to become famous !!! Haha just kidding. But as I watched I wondered could I ever do that, am I tooo lazy to accomplish something like that?? I do like to cook. However buying all those ingredients and having a husband who thinks Taco Bell is the best place EVER to eat, and having a two year old , I just don't know that I would have the stamina to blog and cook everyday!!

Speaking of cooking I have been cooking up some luscious goodness here lately to bathe in. Hoping to come up with a product line I can sell on Etsy or Artfire or Zibbet or all three or just online and all that that entails!! I don't want to go into great detail yet, but they involve essential oils. I used to "play" with essential oils back in my twenties , can't believe I'm old enough to say that now, in my mind I still feel 18!!
Anyway enjoying getting to know them again.

I realize this post has nothing to do about jewelry, and I am still creating jewelry, I'm just branching out in my endeavors!! Jewelry is a very hard hobby to sell solely online!! When I had my stuff in stores it sold very well, now it's hard to be seen in the wide wide web. I'm not going to stop creating, or trying to sell it, so if you like my jewelry don't worry it's not going anywhere!!!

Having said that, I'm thinking maybe I could cook my way through my recipe book for natural beauty products and blog about that. What do you think??