Tuesday, November 30, 2010


In less than a month I'm posting another post!
So I MADE IT in under a month!

We just returned from the beach for our annual Thanksgiving
Trip,  we spend Thanksgiving with my cousin and dear friend, and her
family.  Her mother my great Aunt passed away this past year,  and it has truly effected me in a way I didn't expect.  
I miss her SO much. She would just pop by whenever 
during the day and spend some time with me, my daughter, and my nieces. We would "dish" about things and laugh and just have a really good time.  I guess you could say she sort of took the place of my grandmother in my life. We've always been close,  but got even closer in the two years after my grandmother (her sister) passed away! Anyway Thanksgiving was not the same.  I know I've talked about traditions and starting my own with my daughter,  but I miss the ones I had when growing up very much.  I am not and never have been a huge fan of change,  but it is a part of life that I can not control. One thing I did really enjoy this Thanksgiving was talking to my cousins whom we hardly ever see anymore,  and remembering all the great times we had when growing up and talking about how much things have changed. I think I could have sat there all night and talked if this old body of mine would have let me! Nostalgia hits me hard some times and I have to cry.  I LOVE the way I grew up and feel sorry for those who didn't have as great a childhood as I had! 

I still have not got my new jewelry shop in shape!  I'm having the hardest time trying to get the pictures I want! I just can't get them like I want to! Plus I have so much jewelry I really am overwhelmed on where to start! Also the bug to make more jewelry is gnawing at me something fierce,  but I feel I must get all the jewelry I already have pictures and listed in my shop so I can sell it!

My other ventures are going well,  I have so many need to do's and even more want to do's but am stuck doing the HAVE to do's and can't seem to get ahead of it all! I guess that's part of "working" for yourself.  I haven't made much money yet at any of my ventures online yet, switching from a retail store to online is VERY HARD! However,  I have to say I am so glad I am at home because I get hugs and kisses from the most beautiful little girl i know all day long,  and I can take breaks to get hugs and kisses whenever I want toooooo! That is priceless! 

Come see what all I'm doing at:

Well as you can see I have a lot to keep up with running these three businesses! I have so many ideas that fly at me I get overwhelmed and spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to do and not ever getting it all accomplished!

Oh yeah,  and here's my VOLUNTEER JOB,  I am the secretary of the Woodlawn Community,  and I take phone calls and organize the rentals of this adorable little one room school house! YES! Just like Little House on the Prairie.  I am fortunate to live beside of this wonderful little place,  it's been a part of my family for a long time.  Way back to when it was built,  my great grandfather donated the wood to build it! My grandparents taught 4-H here for a while,  and I have always lived behind it on family land growing up and now my husband and I have also built here! We love it!
Check it out at:

Please come visit me at all my Shops and Places! Please check out my natural bath & beauty items,  and Z Box,  if you purchase a Z Box you will not be disappointed with all the wonderful items from various Zibbet Shop owners in it! Please check it out and get to know some of the wonderful Zibbet Shop owners! As I like to say:
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Gotta go do something PRODUCTIVE!
Until next time have a wonderful week/weekend!

                               ~ Rebecca