Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I Have and Haven't Been Up To....

Well, things are forever changing, and I am not a person who loves change. I like things to stay steady and familiar, however that is not realistic. Well, I didn't "cook" my way through my recipe book, but I did start the soap business, which is one reason I haven't posted in 4 months!!

I haven't left the earth, only I can't seem to find the time I need to do everything I want and need to do, and still take care of my daughter and husband!!

I've been a little down lately, okay a lot down lately. Which is not my normal self. I have lost and am loosing people I love dearly to sickness, it's been three in the last month. I have a sadness lately that I'm having a hard time shaking. So I haven't been very creative or social either.

But I have been up to a few things ! I have been making soap and natural products like crazy. After reading some pretty scary stuff about the things we put ON our bodies, I got busy. I want my daughter to start her beauty regimen with natural products. I have many health problems and sometimes I wonder if all the gunk i used to put ON my body contributed to I'm trying to change things for my daughter.

I am selling these items on Zibbet, a wonderful place to set up shop. If you have time please go by there and check it out!

I am currently trying to get new pictures of my jewelry taken, and re-do my Etsy page. It needs so much help!! So if you've been there lately please excuse it, I hope to have it all revamped soon!

New RWestDesigns Jewelry coming soon, I finally got my "studio" in better shape (with the help of my WONDERFUL MOM) and am hoping this will spark my creative side once again!!

Come follow our Body & Soul Page on facebook to keep up with the natural bath products we are making!!!!

Until the next time ~ hope everyone is having a GREAT start to "Back to School" month!!