Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Time!! Thanks Guys!!

I want to THANK ALL of my customers, followers, and fans on facebook!! This Christmas is truly a Blessed one. Thanks to all of the custom orders and the Etsy purchases! I am so excited about starting the New Year! It had been a long time since I had worked on my Jewelry business, after the adoption of our daughter, it just seemed I had no time to do what I love......... create jewelry. She has been the focus, but things are finally calming down for us and I have had the chance to pick up my jewelry making, and working on making it a business. The hard work has started to pay off, and I am learning everyday how to get myself out there.

I'd like to know what you guys would like to see more of, or if you have any suggestions of items you'd like to see me make. I'll take any and all suggestions into consideration. I am working on some new ideas, so stay tuned for those pieces to be coming out soon.

I have been so excited about Christmas this year, I even took my daughter's picture and "designed" my own Christmas card in the Wal~Mart online photo~shop!! Quite proud of it. The bonus ~~~ it was less expensive than having them professionally thinking next year I need to do one for RWestDesigns ~~~ wish I'd thought of it for this year!! HHHMMMM maybe one for the New Year or Valentine's Day.

If you aren't a fan on facebook or twitter please consider it, to keep up with all the latest news from RWestDesigns .....

On facebook ~ search for RWestDesigns Jewelry and become a fan! Or just click on the facebook badge at the top of this page.

Check out to purchase our jewelry! Or just click on my mini Etsy on this page!!

This will probably be my last post until 2010, so Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, and most of all THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND YOUR ORDERS.
May all your Christmas wishes be granted!!

Look for exciting things in 2010!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Beach Keeper

While staying at a really cute little hotel in Atlantic Beach, I met the cutest little old man. I've named him "The Beach Keeper" He walks the beach every morning and finds lots of neat finds. My mom & dad stay here all month (November), and my dad says he does this every morning all month. Him and his delightful wife walk the beach every morning, very early. Well this weeks find , after the nor'easter that came through , was a fishing pole slam covered in barnacles, he says it's Captain Neptune's ! He went out and bought a barnacle covered hat to go with his newly found fishing pole, and he has this grand story he tells all that will sit and listen. Last week his grand find was a hinge that had thick rust on it, you could tell it had been in the ocean for a long, long time, he also found a pin that had really thick rust on it, and he says this is the hinge and pin are from Davie Jones locker. He's a bit rusty looking himself, a delightful little man with a weathered face with tons of character, bushy grey hair and beard, looks a little like Captain Neptune himself. One day I saw him putting all the shells back on the beach that him & his wife had found on earlier mornings. Not all in one spot, he was careful enough to space them out along the beach, so that walkers by could find them and think it was a treasure washed upon the shore just for them. Him & his wife also fish, but don't eat fish, so they put all of their caught fish in coolers of fisherman up & down the beach, they all say they have magical coolers, but I know it's the Beach Keeper. Summer time may be every one's favorite time to come the beach, but November is mine for I know The Beach Keeper is here and looking after the beach and all it's visitors!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Peek Into My Workspace

"They" say creative people are messy...Well here's your proof.
Here's some pictures of my much for organization...
MY THEORY, if I can't see it , I can't create with it.
A lot of my ideas come from just beads that land together on my table. So if you were curious....
here's your peek into my messy creative's where your jewelry comes from. I hope that doesn't scare you away ;)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grateful For Sales

You know I'm trying to understand why an artist would complain, complain,complain, about being busy, and bringing in sales and money. I am following an artist who has such beautiful work, and I love to read blogs, and watch face book pages, and this artist is so negative. The only time there seems to be any happiness is when they get featured in a blog, or on the front page of something, or in general wonderful recognition.

I just don't understand why you wouldn't be so enthusiastic about making sales, and bringing in money that allows you to continue what you "love" to do. After seeing all this negativity about what they are doing it just boggles me as to why they are still doing it. They even complain about having to go to the post office. If you don't want to deal with the things that go along with having your own business, then don't have it.

Maybe I am wrong in feeling this way, but I love being able to be home and do what I love , it hasn't brought me much income yet...but with perseverance I am hoping to have as many orders as this one artist I am talking about. I hope I am so busy I have to recruit some help from family and make a trip to the post office every other day!!!

I am so thankful for the customers I have......and I wish upon myself many customers that I will always appreciate.....because it is you my sweet customers that allow me to do something I love! From deep within my heart I THANK YOU!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sea Shells & Dreams

I finally created a piece of jewelry with the beautiful shell slices I bought last year at the beach! I also made some pendants out of some smaller shells. They are drying now. I love the way the pink coral and pink and white stick pearls came together in this piece! I love the ocean and shells and all the beautiful colors that come out of the ocean. I have been inspired and will creating more unique designs with shells. I know most people think of summer when they see shells, but the sparkliness (my word) of the stick pearls lends a frosty tone to this warm pink necklace...I think it could be just perfect for either that white or pink summer sundress or with a beautiful white or pink fuzzy sweater. What better way to warm up your winter? This piece of jewelry can work for either season! Check out more views at

I think sea shells are gorgeous! All kinds of all shapes and sizes and most importantly all colors and textures. The best shell hunting is after a hurricane, when everything has been stirred up a lot! I also love to photograph them. I feel like each one has story of where it has been, who has lived in it, and where it ended up. One year while eating out at the beach I found a "pearl" in an oyster. I lost that pearl, but I should have kept it and made me a pendant out of it, it wasn't the most beautiful thing, but it was my prize out of an oyster!! When I was young we went sand dollar hunting...that was fun. We had a whole box of sand dollars.....I wonder where they are? I will have to search my mom's house for them. It would be neat to paint some of them and make pendants out of them. Did I mention that one day I want to be a painter? I'd love to be a soap maker, a candy maker, I love to be expressive and artistic, I may not be good at any of it, but I feel the need to try it all.

I need to invest in a better digital camera, I am still using the one my brother gave me for Christmas 4 years ago. It still serves it's purpose , and takes good pictures. Did I mention my other dream is to be a photographer? I just need the equipment.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Win Some Jewelry

Want to win some earrings by RWestDesigns Jewelry? Then go and check out this lovely blog by Anna. It's a wonderful blog. So sweet and I find myself getting lost in her words! She has contests every month to win neat things on her blog. We've teamed up this month to give away some Jewelry from RWestDesigns!! Go to her blog for details, and I'm warning could spend hours browsing through this delightful blog!!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Really neat giveaway on from Amanda @ Amanda is giving away some of the neatest social/business cards I have ever seen ! They are so adorable. I need a LOGO so I can own some of these. For your chance to win some visit handmade success! LOVE them!!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Okay so I picked two favorites for this week...who's counting? I'm hoping you are!!

I bought my daughter one of the "cake" hair bows before her first birthday, which of course she wore for her 1st birthday party. Now it is her official birthday party bow! She wears it to all of the birthday parties she attends.

I love cake and all that that entails, I'm always looking for cake, cup cakes, truffles, petit fours, yada, yada, yada.......

Anyway I love this "cake" check it out at:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Jewelry

Good morning on this fine Tuesday! I have been taking pictures all morning of jewelry that needs to be posted on Etsy. I also spent 8 hours on Sunday doing this. I like taking the pictures, but I don't love sitting in front of the computer for hours uploading and listing all day. I keep thinking I want to get into my "new" workspace and get to making jewelry with some beads I had bought quite a while ago and forgot I had...found them again when I rearranged my "studio"/craft room!!
Has the Christmas shopping bug bit you yet? It hasn't me, still seems so far away, but I know it's just around the corner. I would be delighted to sell all my jewelry for Christmas....remember I will ship to where you want me to! The packaging will be just as FUN as the contents!

Gotta go list some new items on Etsy....this is your sneak peek ;)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Week's Favorite Etsy Artist

Oh my gosh! I love all things Cherry...and this website is right up my alley!

I love the patterns and colors she uses in her jewelry. It's very Cherry Punk.

Check her out at :
What a neat jewelry line! Bright, whimsical, and whole lot of fun!!!
I love finding these fun things on Etsy.....there are so many creative people in this world!!


Wow !

I was just talking about liking to make people happy and hoping my jewelry does just that!! I want to share with you some feedback from some customers:

From Cecelia Yopp, CA:

WHERE DO I START?? HONESTLY...I RECEIVED MY JEWELRY TODAY AND THE PACKAGING ALONE WAS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL....AND THEN THE PRIZE INSIDE!!!!!! RWestDesigns are TOP QUALITY!!! I am a huge fan of Silpada Designs...BUT I have found my REPLACEMENT....I AM SOOOOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO ORDERING MORE PIECES......the items I received today came just in time to be worn to a function I am attending tonight....I am POSITIVE my turqouise & shell necklace will be the topic of discussion!!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH QUALITY PRODUCT AND SUCH AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE...YOU SO HAVE A NEW CUSTOMER IN ME...AND NOW MY BEST FRIEND AS WELL!!!!!!

To all potential customers, if you are skeptical...don't be....what you are getting is top quality jewelry!!!! THE PIECES I RECEIVED TODAY HAVE TOTALLY HOOKED ME INTO RWEST DESIGNS JEWELRY ....AND I WILL PROUDLY WEAR IT EVERYWHERE!!!!!

From Kristen Cook, NC:

I received my earrings today and I love them. I'm definately a pink kinda girl!

Lori Bennet, NC:

Hey Becky, I love your jewelry.

Susan Willets, ME:

I received my earrings today :) They are BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to wear them! Thank you :)

Thanks guys...I will post them as I get 'em!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Having Fun

I've always loved to give.....I absolutely love the excitement or pleasure on someone's face. I love to make people happy. I guess it goes back to the "Golden Rule" treat people as you would like to be treated. I have thoroughly enjoyed giving away the few items I have given away, this brings me so much joy I see a lot more give aways coming.....if you haven't won anything yet keep trying...

It's funny jewelry makes me happy, creating it makes me happy, the colors and shapes and textures of beads make me happy. I truly enjoy what I do. I love each piece I create. They are sometimes hard to let go, it's saying goodbye to my friend. However, you know what? You will hardly ever see me wearing a piece of's not that I don't like it, or like to wear it...I never seem to have the time to find the right piece, or haven't made the right piece for me. Mostly I put them up on Etsy to sell. Once I list them, I put them in an airtight , sealed bag with an anti-tarnish strip, so I'm not constantly polishing jewelry! So they are not easily accessible for me to wear so unless I make the piece for myself.......I don't have any to wear. As in my crazy life I always seem to put myself last. Trying to get my business off the ground, making jewelry, babysitting 3 children, taking care of my daughter, and my husband, running a household, just doesn't leave much time for myself! I need to learn how to balance it all. If you have any pointers please share them with me, I know I'm not the only person who's always last!

Look for next weeks favorite artist/items .... I enjoy sharing things I like. There's so much of it out there!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Week's Favorite Artist

I love the unique and unusual. These ceramic wall pieces are just that......
Some of my work was recently picked as someone's favorite. I thought what a great idea and I want to pay that forward and start my own list of Favorites on my blog. After all I can't talk about myself ALL the time .......can I?

This artists work is absolutely stunning. I found her on the front page of Etsy one day. Please check out her work. I love it. One day I hope to own a few pieces of this amazing artwork. her name is Heather Knight and she has a blog also ..... Check her out at:

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Some of my work is in the blog

THANK YOU Vicky of

I am flattered and honored to be in your blog.
I greatly appreciate the recognition.

Please take the time to check her work she is a fabulous
artist also!!

It makes me feel good when someone else likes my jewelry......

Thank you again Vicky.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy Busy

Well I've been on the computer all morning working on increasing traffic to my etsy site and FB page and Blog...have I left anything out??
IDK!!!! I am giving away increase the awareness of RWestDesigns Jewelry......I don't have any followers here yet...but if you stumble across this blog, or you came here because I suggested get a prize have to become a follower of this site, or buy something from my etsy shop by the end of this week Oct. 11th is the deadline....If you missed it and are finding this site after that date...don't worry I've got lots of things to give away...and there will be more chances!!!

You ask what am I giving away??? Well...... follow me to find out!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

About Me

I am addicted to beads and making jewelry! I discovered this passion in 1998, I immediately taught myself to bead, and I have been addicted ever since! I sell my jewelry even though it is hard to let go of each piece!! You can check out my work on Etsy. I have a link on this blog! I am also working on other venues to sell my jewelry to earn money to feed my addiction, and to help pay for my daughter's adoption!

My husband and I adopted the most beautiful baby girl in 2008. I also have a blog about my experiences with adopting and raising this beautiful baby, it is a work in progress, but you can check it out at

I also have been fighting my weight and PCOS all my life I have also started a blog about this journey which has led to diabetes and I will be starting insulin soon, which scares me to death. You can follow my journey with this horrific disease at

If you want to know more FOLLOW ME!!!