Monday, November 2, 2009

Sea Shells & Dreams

I finally created a piece of jewelry with the beautiful shell slices I bought last year at the beach! I also made some pendants out of some smaller shells. They are drying now. I love the way the pink coral and pink and white stick pearls came together in this piece! I love the ocean and shells and all the beautiful colors that come out of the ocean. I have been inspired and will creating more unique designs with shells. I know most people think of summer when they see shells, but the sparkliness (my word) of the stick pearls lends a frosty tone to this warm pink necklace...I think it could be just perfect for either that white or pink summer sundress or with a beautiful white or pink fuzzy sweater. What better way to warm up your winter? This piece of jewelry can work for either season! Check out more views at

I think sea shells are gorgeous! All kinds of all shapes and sizes and most importantly all colors and textures. The best shell hunting is after a hurricane, when everything has been stirred up a lot! I also love to photograph them. I feel like each one has story of where it has been, who has lived in it, and where it ended up. One year while eating out at the beach I found a "pearl" in an oyster. I lost that pearl, but I should have kept it and made me a pendant out of it, it wasn't the most beautiful thing, but it was my prize out of an oyster!! When I was young we went sand dollar hunting...that was fun. We had a whole box of sand dollars.....I wonder where they are? I will have to search my mom's house for them. It would be neat to paint some of them and make pendants out of them. Did I mention that one day I want to be a painter? I'd love to be a soap maker, a candy maker, I love to be expressive and artistic, I may not be good at any of it, but I feel the need to try it all.

I need to invest in a better digital camera, I am still using the one my brother gave me for Christmas 4 years ago. It still serves it's purpose , and takes good pictures. Did I mention my other dream is to be a photographer? I just need the equipment.