Sunday, October 18, 2009


Wow !

I was just talking about liking to make people happy and hoping my jewelry does just that!! I want to share with you some feedback from some customers:

From Cecelia Yopp, CA:

WHERE DO I START?? HONESTLY...I RECEIVED MY JEWELRY TODAY AND THE PACKAGING ALONE WAS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL....AND THEN THE PRIZE INSIDE!!!!!! RWestDesigns are TOP QUALITY!!! I am a huge fan of Silpada Designs...BUT I have found my REPLACEMENT....I AM SOOOOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO ORDERING MORE PIECES......the items I received today came just in time to be worn to a function I am attending tonight....I am POSITIVE my turqouise & shell necklace will be the topic of discussion!!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH QUALITY PRODUCT AND SUCH AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE...YOU SO HAVE A NEW CUSTOMER IN ME...AND NOW MY BEST FRIEND AS WELL!!!!!!

To all potential customers, if you are skeptical...don't be....what you are getting is top quality jewelry!!!! THE PIECES I RECEIVED TODAY HAVE TOTALLY HOOKED ME INTO RWEST DESIGNS JEWELRY ....AND I WILL PROUDLY WEAR IT EVERYWHERE!!!!!

From Kristen Cook, NC:

I received my earrings today and I love them. I'm definately a pink kinda girl!

Lori Bennet, NC:

Hey Becky, I love your jewelry.

Susan Willets, ME:

I received my earrings today :) They are BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to wear them! Thank you :)

Thanks guys...I will post them as I get 'em!!