Monday, March 1, 2010


Well.....didn't think I would see this number for a long time!! However ~ thanks to a wonderful thing called "link love" I have hit 550 fans on my facebook page and surpassed it!! I see 1000 fans on the horizon, I thought this would be years away.

At first I was a little skeptical about doing this "link love" because it seemed okay to "FAN" people who are doing the same thing as you (with me it's JEWELRY) the Internet marketplace is flooded with jewelry makers/designers, and I thought "Why do I want to be their fan?" What if their prices are better than mine, what if people like their work better than mine, what if I'm showing my customers their jewelry, and they quit buying from me? Well, as I am going through linking up with all these wonderful artists/crafters/designers of many many different things as well as jewelry .....I find myself filtering through their pages and finding many more interesting pages, and I find myself buying from some of their FANS and even some of the pages in link love. I'm finding all kinds of neat artists/crafters/designers that I never would have known existed.....THEN it hits me if this is happening to me....then it must happen to them also. So now I GET LINK LOVE.... it's the exposure of your links and pages and shops, it's meeting other people doing the same thing you are....trying to make a business out of their hobby or craft or talent, helping each other out in this tough economy and the tough world of cyber selling. So if you are afraid of a little link love .....DON'T BE!! Embrace it ....everyday I try to spread some link love, and I'm getting it back just as I spread it!!

I'm thankful for all of the new FANS and all of the "LINK LOVE" being spread. To thank all my new fans .... I'm giving this bracelet away to help remind us SPRING is on the way, and to keep spreading the love.
Become my FAN on facebook to see how to win this bracelet.....tweet this too, because when we reach 800 FANS there will be another giveaway!! Find our facebook badge on this page to FAN US!!!
Keep spreading the love and I'll see you in the links ~~~~~~~