Monday, March 22, 2010


Wow ! 21 days since I've updated!! We've been so busy around here, not all of it good things, but all of it very important!

I want to send out prayers for one very loved friend of the family who is dealing with the nasty "C" word : Cancer. This family and person has been a part of my life for a very long time, and we love them dearly. I grew up with their children and them and we have shared tons of great times.They have helped me and my husband through some rough times and we have learned a lot from them. They are a very special family and They need all the prayers we can give them.

I also want to send out prayers for my favorite Great Aunt who suffered a massive stroke and has a long recovery road ahead of her. She is not much older than my mother and has alwys been a wonderful part of my family. Growing up she was the coolest great Aunt anyone could have ever asked for, she still is very cool don't get me wrong, but her daughter and I were very close, and I spent as much time at their home as I did at my own. She has this amazing outlook on things and I've learned alot from her over the years. I love her so much and we all need her to recover from this stroke.

If you pray ~ please send up a prayer for these two very loved people and their families.

Also I have been working on items for a new shop I want to open on zibbet ~ I've already "opened" the shop I just haven't been able to fill it with items as of yet. I am working on this it's been a rough couple of weeks, and my creative time and mood has been very limited these past couple of weeks. In my zibbet shop there will be nothing over $25.00 these items will include jewelry, and eventually other things I wish to dabble in. Something that has been on my mind like crazy is bath & beauty products. My cousin that I mentioned above and I "opened up" our own little shop in my grandmother's basement where we had "made" lotions and perfumes by mixing up beauty products that my grandmother gave us to play with. I think one of our other great Aunts bought a couple of items, and maybe our moms and grandmother. So even as a young girl I always wanted to open shop and sell things. maybe bath products will be on the way soon. I've been looking at supplies and there are so many choices and things to think about. It's slightly overwhelming, but I'm definitely interested in starting!!

Also we have been busy planting seeds to hopefully plant in our container garden for the back deck. That was fun ~ just wish me luck on getting them to grow! I did not inherit my grandmother's green thumb, but I'm hoping I can pull this off!!

It's been a long and COLD winter and I am hoping the sunshine will bring us lots of good days ahead. I am more ready for Spring this year than I have ever been in my entire life!! Another giveaway is coming soon our facebook fan page is VERY close to 800 fans!! I've got to come up with something Springy to give away!!

Easter and Mother's Day is coming up quickly remember to check out our shops to see if you can find some gifts.