Friday, March 1, 2013

Good morning world!
I have been so bad at keeping up this blog! 
I don't know why?  Oh yes I do.....
I have a lot of irons in the fire!
I wanted to pop in and do a quick update!

Well as I sit here and drink my two cups of coffee in ONE mug, {my only caffeine for the day} I'm thinking about a lot of things today.

First of all it's my first born nieces 7th birthday !!
My how I love that child,  she is growing up way to fast,  but I guess most children do! 
She is bright, and beautiful {of course} !

It's one of my BEST friend in the worlds birthday today also, he has been in my life since 4th grade! He is one of the good guys,  and I dearly love him.  I hardly EVER see him anymore since we both have families and he's a very busy man. I miss being around him! Even the hubby thinks very highly of him! 

So Happy Birthday to these two VERY special people in my life! 

Also today I'm thinking about how much I dislike diabetes!!!! 
It really puts a cramp in my life. I'm just so tired of being diabetic,  yes.... I know I'm whining,  but for me it is so unpredictable,  I think I've got this figured out,  and then my sugars get out of whack again,  and I'm not sure exactly what caused it,  and it takes me a long time to get them back under control.  I just want to be rid of the all the stuff that comes with diabetes also!  I just want to be "normal"  for once in my life! 
If only my problems were discovered when I was younger,  maybe I wouldn't be going through this! So let me say this to ANY parent who has an overweight child, PLEASE get them tested for metabolic syndrome or in girls PCOS,  I'm telling you the earlier you know about it,  the more you can do about changing their lives and sending them on a better route through life!  There are also a LOT of natural ways to help them,  not just pills from a dr! 

I have really begun to delve into the natural path for healing myself,  and I'm beginning to see what a difference some herbs and essential oils can do for our bodies.  No I'm not a hippy chick,  although..... that may be a fun thing to become! I love beads and herbs!! 

Also this morning I am feeling the great urge to make jewelry,  and I just don't have time! The hard part about being creative is when the mood hits I don't have time to sit down and create and when I have time I'm not in a creative mood,  I've got to find a way to get those two connected! I've done a little work in my jewelry shop online,  if you get a chance drop by and let me know what you think ....

I have been revamping and I also listed a few new items, it's no where near where I want it to be ,  but it's a start! I am amazed at how much jewelry I have to list in there,  and equally amazed at how much time that's going to take!!

These Treasure Bottles are a new item

They contain all kinds of Treasure and they can be either pendants for a necklace or made into magnets for your fridge or filing cabinet! 
They even contain a "gem" or two from this wonderful collection of gems...

I've also ordered components to start making floating lockets ..... can't wait to get all of that in the shop!!

Well I'm off of here to get ready for my day! Got places to go and people to take there,  then tomorrow we're planting trees, and bushes in the yard....
BRING SPRING ON ~ I'm ready for it!

Until next time
~ Rebecca