Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Finally Loosing Weight ....

This is going to be long so grab a drink and maybe a snack! 

Okay so if you know me, you know weight has been a struggle my entire life! Looking at some pictures of myself when I was younger makes me really sad.
When I think about how I was picked on as a child who was overweight it makes me sad. I feel like I didn't have the child hood most children get when they have no issues, such as weight! Now I know a lot of people will say oh you were lucky to just be overweight and not have some kind of disability, disease that left me in a wheel chair and so forth,  and yes to that argument I was fortunate.

I want you to put yourself in my shoes just for a minute or longer.....
I was always the girl that no one thought was pretty or likeable by boys...
I was always the third wheel on a friends date...
I was always the last or next to last picked for games in gym......
I was always someone to make fun of......
I was always the one whose clothes weren't designer.... (they didn't make them for big girls)
I was always the one who couldn't do cart wheels.....
I was always the one boys came to, to ask me if my friend liked them.....
I was always the one boys made fun of.....
I was always talked about because of my weight....
Even as an adult I got this same treatment by other adults.....

Do you know what it's like to constantly battle with your weight with it ALWAYS being thrown in your face in a bad way.  Most people think they can cure you by making fun of you because you eat to much, even though they don't see you didn't even eat as much as they did / do.  They just assume you are a pig and eat way more than your share of food.

Okay so I survived ( obviously or I wouldn't be writing this today )...... I made it through high school and some college, and I even managed to find an absolutely wonderful man who loves me for me, and even though I've gotten heavier through out our marriage he still loves me! 

I've been to many doctors, and been on many diets!

So I can say with quite a bit of knowledge that I have finally found a product that is working for me in a way I never thought possible! 
It has turned around my life and even though I am no where near where I need to be on this journey, I know I have found my path to freedom from my health issues that have caused me to be over weight my entire life. 

I'm going to list what I have done through out my life, and you can relate to some of them if you are over weight I'm sure!

Weight Watchers
Cambridge Diet 
Slim Fast
The Zone
Sugar Busters
Atkins (did best on this)
Susan Powters Diet (gained 25 lbs)
The Blood Type Diet
An Elimination Diet

I've even been to a nutritionist at Duke University in their program for children who need to loose weight. (when I was a young child)

I was told by my doctor at a very young age, that I was going to die.

So I had decided that at 41 yrs of age, that if none of these could help me, and I wasn't going to do the weight loss surgery because I was scared of it, plus have no money for it,  and I couldn't do the lap band, because I was TO BIG ....imagine that!! Well in light of that,  I was just going to be happy to be what God had made me ..... FAT!!

Until I found the PINK DRINK!!  

Now I probably have your attention and you probably want to know what this mysterious PINK DRINK is!!!  First of all let me say it is much more than a weight loss tool. It is a health supplement in a drink form! 

Originally developed for Diabetics, it has excited the world of weight loss ! Now it has also helped many, many people with many, many different issues,  which I will start to share here, mixed in with my very own testimonials! 

First of all I'd like to share I have lost 19 pounds in 7 weeks,  and I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn in years! They've been packed away,  I am now able to dig them out and wear them again! 

Stay tuned for more info !!