Thursday, November 21, 2013

Okay so now I know you want to know what this magic supplement is, am I right?

Well before I tell you what it is and how to get it.
You must understand this is a health drink. It will make you healthier from the inside out.  It will improve how your body functions, it will make you feel amazing.
There are 3 day Trials, 7 day Trials, and 30 day supplies. 

I personally think to get the most accurate trial is to go ahead and do 30 days so you can get the full effect of what this supplement can do for you!

I can't tell you what it will do for you,  I can only tell you what it has done for me, and others I know.

It is not a cure all, but a help a lot!!

It has given me the power to see that light at the end of my tunnel.  I can say this time next year I will be a different person,  mean it, and actually follow through this time! 

So without further adieu 

We're going to start with:

~Alpha Lipoic Acid ~

*This promotes energy within the body, converting glucose very effectively. This occurs naturally in our bodies, and in increased levels, it will have only positive effects.  Converting the glucose is very important for diabetics,  and this is also how it helps with weight loss.  Just google effects of alpha-lipoic acid on body weight of obese subjects ! Or benefits of Alpha lipoic acid for weight loss.  

~ Chlorgenic Acid~
This is essentially a fat blocker. It has been shown to inhibit absorption of fat from many different foods, and it can also boost your metabolism.  It can also reduce the risk of diabetes. 
Google benefits of chlorgenic Acid for the obese for back up info.

 Helps to reduce cravings for simple carbohydrates,
like tater chips, cake, cookies, candy, bread, pasta.........
Google it for back up!

~Citrin K~
This is also a fat blocker which , greatly reduces the rate your body will convert carbs into fat stores. It does this by blocking negative functions of certain enzymes in the liver. It's an extract of Garcinia Cambogia and it is also a decent appetite suppressant! It actually keeps the liver from converting sugar into fat, and forces it to use glucagon for energy, hence the amazing energy that comes from this supplement.
You can get this supplement by itself, but here in the pink drink you get this awesome supplement along with others that blow your weight loss efforts and health out of the water!! 

~Grape Skin Extract~
The ingredients that this includes in it can help reduce cholesterol, and blood pressure quite well!
It has beneficial ingredients such as flavonoids, linoleic acid, oligomeric proanthocyanidins, and vitamin E.
Google any of these to read about their benefits to your body!

~Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycoside~
This is known to be to be safe and natural, even though it is not as proven as some of the other ingredients listed here. It is however a great appetite suppressant and is becoming more widely used in weight loss supplements. 

~Stevia Extract~
One of four ingredients to sweeten and improve the flavor. It is a sweetener, and has also been approved by the FDA as a dietary supplement.

~Lo Han Extract~
Two of four ingredients added to sweeten and add a pleasant flavor.
(It's a fruit extract)

~Glycemic Index Maltodextrin~ 
Three of the four ingredients added to improve flavor. It sweetens also.

~Citric Acid~
Fourth of the four ingredients added to make the taste pleasant. It's also a natural preservative that has a few health benefits of its own also, so it's nice that it has been added to the mix.

Last but not least:

~Beet Root Extract~ 
A good source of energy,  this also helps to purify your blood, balance ph levels, and works as a cleansing and balancing ingredient.
Probably what makes it PINK too ! 

So with no damaging chemicals present, you can feel good about using this supplement with all of these awesome ingredients in one place, and in one easy peasy drink!! 

Now this one easy drink alone can help you shed unwanted fat, help prevent you from making more fat, help your cholesterol levels, help your blood pressure, and help with your diabetes ( or blood glucose levels) all on it's own. and you can get it 

HOWEVER before you order, let me tell you about the way to accelerate your weight loss. You will loose weight on just the drink supplement, along with help ALL those other things I mentioned.  I know many folks want instant results, and to help you get results faster, Plexus has also developed what they call the Accelerator. 

SO now if you have decided to try both products you can get them at a reduced rate:

Now I'd like to tell you one more thing.
Remember I said there are :

Well there is also another way to get this absolutely amazing product at an even better deal and if you stick with it for 3 months the cost goes down even further! 
This called  the Preferred Customer rate:

What does this mean?
You sign up to receive monthly shipments of the Product. If you stay with it for 3 months, your cost then goes down another 10%. You may however cancel your shipments 15 days after your intial purchase.
{though I bet you will not want to!}


A smaller waist
Needing a new wardrobe
Whistles from strangers

{although all of the above could happen, it's happening to me}
{stay tuned for before, between,  and after pictures}

Not a lot of side effects, however,  this 
supplement could :

Make you a bit gassy!
{minor to put up with IMHO in exchange for the awesome effects on cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight}

While it helps with weight loss, it is mainly a health supplement helping folks with reducing symptoms of depression, helping to maintain blood sugar at healthy levels, promoting liver health, reduces risk of heart disease by helping to lower cholesterol levels, diabetes, and so forth, while leaving the user energized with a new outlook on life! These are really wonderful ingredients to put into our bodies, and them being all together in one place, in one EASY drink, makes the value of this product unprecedented! 

As ALWAYS if you have ANY QUESTIONS please feel free to leave me a comment and I will answer to the best of my ability!