Friday, November 22, 2013

Want to know how to make money while you loose weight and get healthy?

Well by telling your story of course! 
That's all I have done. I started on FB and now I'm blogging about it.  Friends and family have jumped in with me on this exciting healthy journey!
I know you also know some people who could use something to help them get on track for a healthier life !  Just let them know what the PINK DRINK has done for you, and they will follow!

But don't tell them of course until after you have signed up to become an ambassador of the product!

If you've done any type of MLM out there you might be scared! Let me tell you this is nothing like anything I've ever SOLD ! and I sell alot...... 

This product sells itself in that they can SEE the difference in you, you can show them your bloodwork results for proof or show them mine..... listed HERE !!
Show them your old pants!! 
Just share your story that's all you have to do.

I started October 1st and on November 15th {of the same year 2013} I made enough in commissions to pay my power bill and buy my product for the month.  So I guess you could say I got my product for FREE just by sharing my story. 

Please contact me for details before you choose your welcome package.  I'd like to help you pick out the best one for you, because it is a one time deal!