Monday, October 27, 2014

It's Almost Time ......

For Elf  On The Shelf

You know this is one of the things that we didn't have when I was growing up. I like it. It's challenging and fun.  My daughter LOVES it! 

She found Elfie,  which we renamed Jingle Bells, in a small store in Surf City, NC. He was all nicely packaged up with a book and a CD.  She spotted him and it was LOVE at first sight! 

So he was ONLY $5 ! 

We found out according to the cashier that this little guy was the original Elf on a Shelf, and the lady that invented him, did not patent him and well you know the rest.........

A different and more popular Elf on the Shelf took over.  At first I was disappointed that we didn't have the newer version of Elfie, but for $5 and a whole lot of fun, I found it didn't matter to my daughter, she thinks our Jingle Bells is special, and she wrote him a letter to tell him she hoped he came back next year. That he was the best Elf EVER! 

So now I've got to remember where I put him, and bring him back around Thanksgiving. 

Here are some pictures of Jingle Bells and his antics from last year!

My mother had Painted a Sparkly Christmas Tree Painting. Well we hadn't hung it on the wall yet, so Jingle Bells hung it for us, then decided to hang out in our Candy Shop, peeking out the door to admire his job well done!

He enjoyed riding the mule to visit baby Jesus! He took baby Jesus out of the barn so He could see the night stars! Jingle Bells had all the animals out of sorts!

Here Jingle Bells decided to hang out in the flowers in our daughters bathroom, and he was wearing one of her hairbands like a tutu around his neck!  Took her forever to find him!

Here Jingle Bells made a mess with her rubberbands for making rubber band jewelry! He decorated the candy tree that adorns our gingerbread house! Messy little guy!

This is the first morning Jingle Bells showed up! He had a friend Elf for our daughters cousins! Jingle Bells is in the crayons, and these two Elves ate some of the girls candy, and got into the crayons and wrote the girls a message , decorated it with stickers, and had themselves a good time!

SO it's almost time to bring Jingle Bells back! Hope I can find him.  I will be looking for things for him to do this year......  I have some ideas.......