Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Capturing What Inspires Me.....

Sometimes I get a little sad that things change, and I am not where I once was! 
I am thankful for the ability to take a picture. I found out that I rather enjoy taking photographs, about 20 yrs ago,  you know when you had to print them out on paper?  Most of my photographs are on paper, and I will have to re~visit some of the places, that I have on paper and get photos digitally to be able share them on my website at FFA!

For now I do enjoy going to FAA and taking a gander at some of my favorite places!  I know 72 photos is not much,  but this site is a work in progress! I haven't been able to drag out the old camera and get new shots, just because of life getting in my way! Plus my card reader died and I had no way to upload them anyway! :)  Now I got me a new computer and I can get back to work! 

SO that being said I do hope to get back to one my favorite hobbies, shooting things with my lens! 
I don't really have a favorite thing to catch on "film", I guess I just shoot what I like and what inspires me. 

Well... let me step back a bit, I do have a favorite thing to capture on "film", and that is the LOVE of my life, my daughter! However I don't want to sell photographs of her, so for now I'll stick to my hearts desire when I have my camera in hand.  Things that make me want to "see" them forever. Often times it's the feeling things provoke in me that makes me want to capture it. Sometimes it's the thought this would make an awesome wall hanging. I never know what will inspire me! 

If you have an interest in what I have shot and uploaded so far check me out at :