Tuesday, December 16, 2014

If you know me at all, you know I have always had my hands doing something! 
I do not have idle hands.

Since my daughter was born it has been mostly taking care of her. Doing fun things with her. I absolutely LOVE taking care of her & spending my every moment with her. She is the light of my life.

She has also been the inspiration for a lot of the things I love doing!

Making soap, because of her very sensitive skin, and when I make soap ......
I know exactly what is in it, and I can pronounce the ingredients !  

Using essential oils......
I have used them for YEARS now,  and just recently joined the DoTerra team so I can now get them at wholesale prices and sell them to family & friends.

I have always used Lavender to calm her.
Citrus Oils to turn a grumpy mood into a happy mood.  Most of the time it's been aromatic uses on her, except for the Lavender,  her skin gets so irritated by heat, cold, and some foods she eats,  so I have always used Lavender in a carrier oil to keep her skin hydrated and soothed.

I have also always loved to make jewelry and have been meaning to start an aromatherapy line. Working on that now.  I have some pieces that can be used for that now in my make your own necklace section of my online Jewelry Shop !  

However I am hoping to expand on this in the very near future!

So stay tuned & follow me.......