Friday, November 14, 2014

Being On Guard ....

Did you know DoTerra, offers a whole range of OnGuard products to help ward off sickness for you?

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Protect yourself and your family from pesky germs and bugs this season!
  OnGuard Protecting Toothpaste
 OnGuard Beadlets
 & OnGuard Throat Drops
 is the way to go without the chemicals and negative side effects!

  • Features a unique blend of essential oils in an easily dissolvable, vegetarian softgel.

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    Also while you are visiting the On Guard products check out the cleaning, handwashing, & laundry products to help you on your journey to staying healthy! 

    Also you can diffuse the OnGuard Oil Blend into the air to help ward off germies in your home! 

    DoTerra's OnGuard offers a complete line of defense against unwanted germs !

    'Tis the season,  so be OnGuard !!

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