Monday, November 10, 2014

Once Again ......

Good Morning!
Here I go once again on my struggle to get healthy and lose some weight!

I thought I had found my solution, to my weight issues, I was trucking along very good on it too! I lost 30 lbs right away, blood sugars weren't getting any higher, cholesterol was getting better, liver enzymes were getting better.

So a year later here I am back at square one.

What happened you ask?

Well a few changes to the product I was using, and BAM it longer helps me.


The FDA banned the most active ingredient in it, that was the first change. I don't believe for safety reasons, I believe for patent reasons, you can't patent herbs ! 

So okay, it's still helping other issues, so I continue on it, then they take away two more ingredients.....  and its just not the same anymore.  

As always I hop on the gravy train to late.  If I had found this product a year earlier I would be skinny by now! LOL

Next time I find something that works SO WELL, I'm hoarding up on it! 

So onto the next part of my journey to get healthy......

I'm going to try some natural things that I'm hoping will help.

The first thing I am adding to my diet is coconut oil. I've been using it some, and especially in my aromatherapy concoctions to rub on myself and my daughter. It makes your skin feel SO good!  Now I'm going to take some advice my Dr. gave me a while back, and I keep seeing the same advice all over the place. SO I'm finally going to do what my Dr. told me to do several years ago! I'm "taking" several tablespoons a day to see what happens!

I have read that it will:

~ Help balance Hormones
{This has been one of my MAJOR problems throughout my life}

~ Help with Blood Sugar levels

~ Help you loose belly fat
{because of the way it helps your liver}

There's MUCH more it does for you, however these are my 3 main concerns right now!

This morning I added it to my coffee, because let's face it, a spoon full of solid coconut oil is not easy to swallow!
It's not to bad in my coffee.....
I think I can do this......

I'm also adding it to my Thai Chicken Cauliflower Soup in the crockpot for dinner!

Stay tuned & follow me, to see how it goes!