Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Good Morning !

Day two of my coconut oil in the coffee.....
so far so good! Only one side note:  Coconut oil may make you have to go to the bathroom, so be sure you will be within reach of a toilet ! 

Another thing I am doing to help control the cravings that my blood sugar causes!
My body demands, yes I said demands food. I do not like it, I have never liked it.  I get this gnawing feeling now that I am on so much insulin..... I mean it is horrible, gnawing WAKE you up in the middle of the night kind of hunger pains.....

Well I can't very well get up and eat in the middle of the night,  my body NEEDS that tine of fasting whether it thinks so or not!

So the next thing I'm trying.....

{ You will have to scroll down to the 14th product & that will be the Slim & Sassy Blend }

If you know me at all, you know I signed up to get the wholesale price... which means of course I can now sell it to you also!  BUT honestly I'm not PUSHING it on my friends & family! I will share with you my experience with these oils, and if you think you are interested I would appreciate you buying from my website!
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Okay so about the Slim & Sassy Blend EO

You can put it in water ( I did not love the taste in water) However I will be trying it in some carbonated water with a little stevia, to see if Ilike it that way. 

Anyway, I woke up with that gnawing hunger at 5:30 in the morning,  and I wanted to sleep longer, because I was at the beach, and who gets up at 5:30 a.m. while on a mini vacation? Not this girl!!
So I got up got me a glass of water, drank it down, made my stomach hurt even more, so I thought well my slim & sassy blend says it calms your tummy, and helps curb appetite, it has ginger in it, so I know that helps tummies { one of my favorite things: ginger}, it also has peppermint in it, and other good oils, but these two are specifically for tummy issues,  so I thought well I'll try rubbing a couple of drops on my belly and go back to bed and see how it goes!  Well five drops rubbed into my tummy, did calm things down enough for me to go back to sleep until 7:30 a.m.,  so when I naturally woke up at my normal time, I was amazed.....

I no longer had that gnawing hunger, I even had time to get dressed, brush my teeth, and head downstairs for a cup of coffee, and then I had breakfast!  

After breakfast,  we went to the park and did some Island shopping.....  when that gnawing hunger pain came back, I just rubbed 5 drops of the 
Slim & Sassy Blend onto my tummy, and finished up our shopping, and when we did stop for lunch, I wasn't starving, & that helps me to make better choices !  

I'm also giving this Slim & Sassy blend a try on my dear daughter, who is always hungry too!  

{ Scroll almost to the bottom of the page to find the shakes} 

We both have digestion issues, so we're also adding Digest~Zen to our regimen, but it may take some time to see the result of this.......

Stay tuned.......